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My name is Ayush Agrawal. I have been an active investor/trader most of my life. After over a decade of living life in the fast lane, I have become a passive investor. Currently, I work as a Growth Associate at smallcase, and I really love what I do. I will try to talk about my mistakes here and document my life as frequently as I can.

What is Implied Volatility of My Thoughts?

The is a blog and newsletter service where I post my opinions about topics in valuation, finance, economics, the broader markets, companies & mutual funds and also my portfolio updates. I do not monetize this publication so I write when I find time. If you like what you read here, recommend the posts to your friends and Subscribe.

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  • Unfiltered views on topics related to personal finance, economics, the broader markets and companies and mutual funds that I find interesting both in the listed and unlisted space.

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  • This is not a stock recommendation service.

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I am not a SEBI Registered Analyst or Advisor. Anyone looking for any of the above services, please do not waste your time subscribing. I recommend you consult a SEBI Registered advisor instead.

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People who want to know my take on a vast variety of topics on

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